Custom home building is bigger than ever. But the definition of a Custom home conveys more than just luxury or extravagance. Custom home building means creating a home that is designed and built specifically for a particular client. It means creating a space that satisfies the personal needs and desires of a specific buyer. Custom homes embody great detail and quality construction, with all the luxury amenities, goes without saying. To that end, the successful completion of a Custom home is achieved by employing the Design/Build method of construction. The Design/Build method is recognized by the Certified Builder's Guild as a process by which clients may be assured that the Custom home designed for them will embody all the details required to satisfy their needs while maintaining the realistic budgets they have set. The production of a true Design/Build Custom home is achieved in three distinct phases.

       The first phase in the Design/Build process is the creation of the Program. To design a home that will fulfill all of his/her requirements, the custom builder must understand how the client lives, how free time is spent, and if there are special needs that must be met. To discern these requisites, the builder asks that the client to consider which rooms will be used most, how many, and what kinds of rooms are required. The builder and client discuss issues such as entertainment and leisure activities, budgets, and square footage requirements, as they pertain to the future home. After functionality issues are resolved and incorporated into the Program, topics such as style, finish and amenities are discussed. At this juncture, clients display pictures of details they have collected from magazines, elevations photographed in their travels and other components they want included in their home. After the Custom home Builder is satisfied that the client's taste, style and requirements for the home have been communicated and are understood and outlined in the Program, the project then moves forward to the second phase in the Design/Build process.

       The second phase is the design and pricing of the Custom home. With the information acquired from the client in the Program phase, the custom builder meets with architects and engineers to incorporate the client's desires and requirements into floor plans and elevations of the custom home. Issues such as the siting of the home for views, square footage requirements, and furniture layouts are addressed. After review and approval of plans by the client, making sure that all details are included, the custom builder sends copies of the final plans to subcontractors and suppliers. Because budget restrictions and client requirements are addressed in the Program phase of the project, the builder is able to arrive at a price that includes every item desired, agreed upon, and incorporated into the design of the home. Using a builder who ascribes to the Design/Build theory assures clients that the home they design will be within their budget, and therefore will be a home they can afford to build.

       The actual construction of the Custom home is the final phase in the Design/Build process. As the construction of the home commences, what was once a non-dimensional concept, then a two-dimensional drawing becomes a tangible, three-dimensional reality. The work that goes into creating a program and designing and pricing a Custom home is evident by the continuity of the construction process in Design/Build homes. Because design questions, budget issues, and client requirements are addressed prior to the breaking of ground, there are few surprises in the field. The items included in the working drawings and agreed to in the construction contract are what become manifest in the new home. In this way custom builders who ascribe to the Design/Build method of construction assure themselves and their clients that together they are creating a Custom home which will embody all the details required to satisfy their needs while meeting budgetary expectations. The result is a unique Custom home created for and inhabited by satisfied clients.

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