Many of us at one time or another conclude it is the time to build our custom dream house. Naturally, the foremost consideration is finding a lot in a choice location that pleases the family. However, all too often, liking a lot is the only criterion that influences lot choice. This can be a very serious mistake.

       The consumer should enlist the expertise of an experienced custom builder, who will do all the research necessary to determine if this site meets your needs and those of a sound, attractive residence. First of all, you should know if the surrounding homes and community are commensurate with the finish price of your completed home and lot. You will also need to know the zoning law applicable to that area and review the local indentures and restrictions to be certain the size and type of home you are contemplating can, in fact, be built on that lot.

       It also must be determined whether all utilities are available to the lot and how far you must run the sewer laterals, gas lines and electric and telephone lines to service the home. Your certified custom builder, in conjunction with his engineer, can efficiently check this out. Another important aspect your builder will determine is the existing grade of the terrain and if the configuration of your future home will work well with the site. Will the land offer a walkout basement or is the ground too flat, thereby eliminating the possibility of a walkout? A walkout allows the development of an above-ground lower level, usually with the grade dropping off in the rear to develop larger picture windows in the foundation wall.

       Starting your project off on the right foot-with an experienced, certified builder-can save you headaches and money in the long run.

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