So you're ready to build a new home. It's the dream home you've always wanted and have been planning for years. You've selected a builder. He's not the easiest person to work with, but you can tough it out because he was the lowest bid! STOP NOW - GO NO FURTHER! Abandon this ship before it sinks. You are about to make one of the biggest and most common mistakes made by clients looking to build a custom home. Never mind the fact that you selected the builder based on a low bid. That mistake is the subject of another article entirely. The fact is that your relationship with your builder is critical to a successful construction project.

       Despite what you may have heard from friends who have built before, the process, when performed with the right builder, can actually be a pleasant experience. Once again it all comes down to selecting the right builder and having the correct expectation of that builder. In true custom construction your builder should take you through the process from start to finish. This doesn't mean that you will necessarily meet or talk to the builder daily, but it does mean that the builder will keep you informed as the project proceeds, will answer any questions you might have, and will promptly address any problems that come up. And make no mistake about it, problems will come up. In a project as involved as a custom home there will always be unexpected difficulties and the occasional problems which arise from the orchestration of so many different trades. The existence of problems, however, doesn't mean a difficult or confrontational relationship with a builder. A professional custom builder understands that problems will arise and will find a resolution by researching the problem and discussing the possible solutions with the client until they mutually agree on the best way to resolve the issue.

       While this may sound like a fairy tale to someone who has had a bad building experience, it is a reality for custom home building clients who have taken the time to select the right builder. So how do you find this "fairy tale" builder? As a starting point the Certified Builders Guild can send you a list of builders and some background information on their companies. These builders must subscribe to a very strict set of professional building practices just to obtain their membership in the Guild. That, however, is not enough!   You as a client must, once you have reviewed the list and selected several builders as candidates, meet with the builders to determine which builder best suits your needs. Personal compatibility with a builder is a must. You will spend a significant amount of time with this individual, so pick someone you like and can relate to easily. 

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