"They don't build houses like they used to." How many times has that thought been expressed? Unfortunately in many instances today it probably is true. Too many homebuyers today are willing to accept standards of quality that were unacceptable some years ago. As long as the house has the visible amenities, i.e. the "bells and whistles" that most buyers want, they seem willing to overlook the declining levels of both service by the builder and quality in the basic construction characteristics.

       The deceptive thing about this strategy in buying a home is that the savings are extremely short term. The hidden costs don't show up until after the first year of occupancy is past and then, to the frustration of the homeowner, problems begin to appear just as the house has gone out of warranty.

       Settlement cracks, defective joints, floor squeaks, drywall cracks, sticking doors, cold air drafts, high heating and cooling costs, poor water pressure, noisy plumbing, springy floors, and damp basements are just a few of the types of problems which will eventually show up when the "bottom line" is the only item of concern for a home buyer.

       To make matters worse, the type of builder who is strictly "bottom line" oriented never seems to return phone calls. Buyers today must stop focusing on the "bottom line" and start looking at "value for the dollar." The old adage "You get what you pay for!" is just as true today as it was when that expression was first coined. The single best way for buyers to assure themselves that they are really receiving "value for their dollar" is to select a proven builder with a past clientele that is not only willing to give the builder a positive referral, but genuinely pleased to do so. This means that if you are looking for a builder, you must make a genuine effort to interview not only the builder, but his/her references as well. This is the most important, yet most overlooked, requirement of selecting a builder.

       If you are thinking about custom home building, the Certified Builders Guild can provide a list of builders who meet a stringent criteria, which includes an express written warranty, a continuous written record of positive client references, appropriate levels of insurance coverage, active participation in continuing education programs, and positive references from vendors, sub-contractors, and banks.

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