The Certified Builders Guild was formed in 1996 in response to a growing demand for true custom homes in a market heavily populated by production builders trying to construct custom homes. The Guild certifies only those builders who have fulfilled a demanding set of standards. That certification is a client's assurance that they are dealing with a builder who has continually met or exceeded their clients needs.


Continuing education and staying current with the latest advances in building technology are also Guild requirements. In addition, the Guild's standards require each member to deal fairly and honestly with their clients, the community, employees, subcontractors, and suppliers.


The Guild also includes Alliance members who are vendor and subcontractor partners with Guild builders on each home. They are chosen as Alliance members because of their skill, pride in workmanship, and quality products delivered at a competitive price.


Finally, the Guild requires that members provide a full warranty for performance, materials, and satisfaction with each home they build.

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