Design Build Concept


Design/Build is not just an idea; it is a proven construction process different from the stress laden construction techniques of the past. In its simplest form it is the assembly of the core team which is responsible for the design and construction of a custom home. Employed properly Design/Build ensures clear communications and effective control over every phase of the project, including cost. The key to Design/Build is the selection of the team members. Guild builders are strong advocates of this process. However, it takes more than a builder and a client to create a custom home, it takes a team of specialists which at a minimum include the architect, builder, and interior designer.


The Builder is the key member of the team and as such his/her selection is the most crucial decision to be made. The guild recommends that clients interview two or three qualified builders. In addition to the interview, clients should visit prospective builders' job sites, speak with their past clients and examine their building reputations. The time spent now in the selection process will eliminate stress when the complexities of actual construction are apparent. Communication and chemistry between the builder and client are essential.


Once The Builder is determined the remaining team members will be selected. The builder will have a wealth of knowledge to help the client with these choices. Once the team is assembled the process of design and construction will begin. While not without some challenges, the Design/Build process has been proven to produce the highest quality custom homes at truly competitive costs.


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