In the Spring of 1998, the Certified Builders Guild formed a Committee dedicated to giving back to the community that supports its members. This committee was named The Community Service Committee of the Certified Builders Guild.

       Within one year of its inception, The Community Service Committee of the Certified Builders Guild found two worthy organizations in need of the services of the Certified Buiders Guild. The first was "Habitat for Humanity. "Habitat for Humanity" is an organization that helps families become homeowners by offering low cost housing, with no interest loans on new homes in deprived areas of the city, to residents who are working, and are willing to devote 450 hours of their own time to help build the community. The Certified Builders Guild teamed up with the "St. Louis Cardinal Wives Organization" to raise the funds, and construct one of these homes. The second worthy organization was "Our Little Haven". "Our Little Haven" is an organization dedicated to helping children from birth age to age five who have been removed from their home, and have been exposed to some type of abuse. "Our Little Haven" provides a loving and nurturing environment so these children can grow into a more normal life. The Certified Builders Guild constructed a connecting walkway between two buildings for "Our Little Haven". This was a very complex, handicapped accessible, ramping walkway that needed to meet historical preservation requirements.

       The members of the Certified Builders Guild worked together to raise almost $46,000 in donations, materials, and services to complete these two projects.

       The work of this year's committee is complete, however; The Community Service Committee lives on. If you know of a project that you think deserves the special attention of the Certified Builders Guild, please contact us.

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